The Wave platform is fast to set up, secure, and easy to use

Wave helps drive the successful execution of large-scale programs by providing a central place to capture and track initiatives across the organization and consistently monitor their progress and bottom-line impact.

Use Wave to capture and organize initiatives, define action plans, and assign ownership with
clear targets, roles, and responsibilities.

Wave introduced a structured approach in a project that had so many moving pieces

-Senior Client Leader, Basic Materials company

Use Wave to slice and dice the initiatives by any of the defined attributes so you can prioritize actions and monitor performance metrics, milestones, and targets

Even if you don’t communicate with other functions, you can always see the status of their workplans if needed

-Business Analyst, Non-alcoholic Beverage company

Use Wave to set out your plans, track actual impact against bottom-up plans and top-down business goals, and forecast future delivery.

Using Wave to run weekly meetings helped us focus on what is important, what is needed, and what has been completely missed

-Senior Client Leader, Payments Provider company

Use Wave to report on what matters most to your business in a format suited to your audience.

Customized reports made it super-easy for each function to create CEO reports

-Client Associate, Chemicals company