Transformation program at a leading mining company

"Wave created great momentum throughout the organization.”


A mining company wanted to reduce costs by $300mn AUD within 12 months across its mines and business units. Particularly challenging was the distribution of these mines and the often isolated locations that made collaboration difficult. The mining organization had identified a portfolio of improvement initiatives but had no centralized way to track and understand if they were successful.


Wave was used to track the performance and completion of all these initiatives as well as the action plans and savings achieved. In particular, Wave helped by:

  • Centrally tracking > 1300 cost-saving initiatives with > 100 users
  • Analyzing ongoing program progress to allow for intervention if necessary
  • Reporting all savings achieved, both in terms of financial impact and key metrics
  • Filtering and grouping savings achieved by department, site, owner, and initiative type


After just 5 months of using Wave, the company management completely revamped its PMO and processes and to date $273mn in financial savings is expected and an increasing number of team members are using the program to track progress as more initiatives are added.

“The one-click reporting tool is easy to use and access from any location.”

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