International merger program of two European domestic appliance companies

"It helped us efficiently track value created out of this program."


Two key domestic appliances players were merging and needed to ensure a smooth transition across 4 main locations and to strengthen existing regional brands by leveraging the know-how of a household-name brand.


Wave was chosen to facilitate both pre-close integration planning and post-close integration execution, specifically:

  • Pre-close integration planning
    • Tracking and monitoring progress of > 290 deliverables across 25 teams
    • Interdependency mapping and resolution tracking
  • Post-close integration execution
    • Synergy allocation and tracking over 6 dimensions including brand, production plant, country, organization, etc.


Wave ensured the smooth transition of the two merged companies by providing transparency on sources of synergy within the staged 4-year implementation plan and facilitating communication irrespective of location and function through:

  • Providing a real-time reporting tool to discuss and present the status of implementation in regular function and leadership reviews
  • Enhancing IMO problem solving and process management across regions and locations
  • Enabling consistent communication across teams in different geographies and functions

“The one-click reporting tool is easy to use and access from any location.”

deliverables across 25 teams
synergy dimensions
locations transitioned