Salesforce effectiveness program at a leading European insurer

“Wave is the only tool we have that provides the detailed information needed to interpret the numbers.”


An insurance company wanted to enhance the performance of its salesforce in all its agencies and needed to track initiatives in real-time across the decentralized regions involved in the transformation. It was looking for a platform that would function as ‘one source of truth’ for the roll-out of the program.


Wave was used as a centralized system to track milestones across 88 regions and to pull together information from across the country so that the HQ could plan the roll-out of the sales effectiveness program. In detail, Wave helped by:

  • Delivering real-time access to milestones and participant status
  • Supporting the PMO in preparing off-the-shelf and custom reports
  • Enhancing communication between to and from the HQ of relevant data e.g., training dates, number of participants, status etc.
  • Providing an overview of the implementation status of measures and tools for each agency
  • Functioning as a tool to steer line managers regarding implementation
  • Acting as a self-management tool for all involved employees


Wave helped the successful transformation of ˃6,000 agencies by facilitating the implementation of:

  • A new innovative demand-oriented advisory process
  • Professional agency processes
  • Targeted customer contact management
  • Systematic sales support, including new performance management tools and leadership interaction

“For the first time in real-time I can look up the status of all the agencies in my region”